Rich Internet Application

Improve the user-experience in browser-based applications, transforming your site into engaging, rich with fresh content giving your site visitors a truly interactive experience.

MEWS allows you to compete by using the same business applications and creating a sticky environment the same as today’s top corporations.

This richer functionality may include anything that can be implemented in the technology being used by your customers, including drag and drop, using a slider to change data, calculations performed only by the client and which do not need to be sent back to the server, for example, a mortgage calculator, surveys, questionnaires, etc.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications, transferring the processing necessary for the user interface to the web client, but retain the majority of the data back on the application server

“RIAs offer the flexibility and ease of use of an intelligent desktop application, and add the broad reach of traditional web applications and enables you  to create personalized, multimedia-rich applications that dramatically enhance user experience, increasing customer satisfaction and making users more productive.”

Rich Internet Application Technologies Include:

  • Ajax
  • Adobe Flash
  • Flex
  • Java
  • Silverlight

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce time-to-market of new, innovative solutions.   Rich Internet Applications drive revenue through applications that reduce process abandonment and enable intuitive self-service empowering users to make more informed decisions and respond to changes with greater speed.

Benefits of Rich Internet Application:

  • Updating and distributing web applications is an instant, automatically handled process.
  • Updates/upgrades to new versions are automatic.
  • Customers can use the application from any computer with an internet connection, and usually regardless of what operating system that computer is running
  • Web-based applications are generally less prone to viral infection than running an actual executable application.
  • Employs a client engine to interact with the user and are much more responsive than those of a standard Web browser that must always interact with a remote server.
  • Network effeciency.

Extend business processes to rich user interfaces.  Create more interactive, dynamic, and engaging user experiences.  Increase customer satisfaction and make users more productive .  Utilize industry-standard programming languages and design patterns

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