Customer Relationship Management

We aim at streamlining your firm’s resource deployment and delivering customer satisfaction, and thus maximizing profitability and revenue.

Our expert consultants are able to quickly capture, store and analyze of your targeted customer, vendor, partner, and internally processed information. We will come up with a good customer-focused strategy to enforce your sales, marketing, customer service interaction and collaboration.

MEWS can customize CRM solutions or recommend off-the-shelf solutions based upon your specific business needs. Our strategy varies in size and scope, from simple focus on a team of salespeople or project managers, to customer interaction across the entire organization.

MEWS Expert CRM Experience:

  • Secure news/events management system for a large variety of businesses
  • Secure Returned Merchandise Management System for computer and computer related industries
  • Project Management System
  • Training and support

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MEWS is a full service web development Internet marketing company and technology integrator founded in 2003, by leading industry consultants with previous technology experience.MEWS is an Internet services and solutions company with interests in website development – Mobile applications– domain name registrations - web hosting.