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From Concept to completion, we pride ourselves on the ability to develop a game around any advertising concept, product, or service. We provide both template solutions from our inventory of high-quality games as well as 100% custom solutions.
MEWS develops a high quality product that can be delivered online, on mobile phones, and other Flash-enabled devices.

MEWS has extensive commercial experience in both web based and kiosk games. We will develop powerful game e-campaigns and other applications.

Benefits of Flash Games:

  • A great authoring tool for interactive content.
  • 96% of your site visitors won’t need to download anything other than the game since most people already have flash capabilities
  • Virtually free to distribute and attract visitors to your site and encourage repeat visits. 
  • Open your business to a market audience desperate for decent games

Our team can help you reach your target audience and use your game to market your products and services at the same time as entertaining your customers.

MEWS Services:

  • Graphics
  • Programming
  • Multi-player systems
  • High-score boards
  • Advert-games
  • Viral Entertainment

MEWS Expertise:

  • Flash MX 2004 Actionscript 2.0
  • Fluent with Flash MX 2004 Actionscript 3.0
  • Fluent in HTML specializing in OBJECT tags
  • Fluent with Javascript
  • Fluent with CGI calls (name-value pairs API)
  • Fluent with art assets JPEG, GIF, PNG
  • 2D & 3D modeling and animation
  • Familiar with UNIX environment and basic navigational commands

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MEWS is a full service web development Internet marketing company and technology integrator founded in 2003, by leading industry consultants with previous technology experience.MEWS is an Internet services and solutions company with interests in website development – Mobile applications– domain name registrations - web hosting.