DOMINATE your niche market with a website packed with site copy that DRIVES your existing clients and prospects to financial ACTION. your unique web-site is the face of your business and the epicenter of all your internet marketing efforts. You cannot afford anything less than the most persuasive, engaging high-conversion SITE-COPY possible.

MEWS focuses on BRANDING your company’s web-site to incorporate your organizational goals and integrate your marketing campaign in such a way as to drive traffic to your site and induce them to take immediate action.

  • LIBERATE your Internet marketing efforts from short-sighted, costly and marginally effective PPC campaigns that deliver more revenue to Google than to you.
  • INCORPORATE SEO “optimized” AD-COPY that will include keywords to increase your site’s search engine rankings.
  • REDUCE your bounce rate by implementing AD-COPY that creates revenue generating conversion by utilizing site copy that ENGAGES rather than repels.
  • IMPLEMENT a site with copy persuasive enough to motivate YOUR consumers to take immediate financial action.


MEWS Interactive Web Solutions offers superlative proprietary on-site copywriting and editing services that WILL increase visitor retention and decrease your web-site’s bounce rate engaging visitors by utilizing compelling AD-COPY! Stop wasting your valuable Internet real estate by treating it like a verbal land-fill! Ensure that your site’s content will produce measurable results by consulting with MEWS’s professional copy writer and develop a strategy for success today.

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MEWS is a full service web development Internet marketing company and technology integrator founded in 2003, by leading industry consultants with previous technology experience.MEWS is an Internet services and solutions company with interests in website development – Mobile applications– domain name registrations - web hosting.