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MEWS provides many marketing and technology solutions for online marketing and publishing. Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of every web site owner. We provide comprehensive Banner Ad Management.

Banner advertisements
draw the average internet surfer to your website. An internet user intent on getting information can be sidetracked by a catchy banner advertisement. As a consequence that user might consider purchasing a product or service from you that he or she previously had no intention of purchasing.

“Banner ads can also be used to generate income.  Our system will allow you to present banner ads across your site, giving your advertisers maximum exposure to your site users.”

MEWS Services:

  • Support for dynamic media ads
  • Client logins, statistics and reporting
  • Advanced targeting and delivery options
  • Management of unlimited banners, zones and advertisers
  • Multiple Ads per page
  • HTML Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Powerful Ad Tracking Engine

Banner advertisements will help a website viewer to become more familiar with a particular brand. The viewer will then remember that brand when discovering information that relates to the website where the banner ad was located. Thus information can serve to reinforce the message in the banner advertisement.

Banner Ad Management Features:

  • Monitor ad performance
  • Access to campaign statistics
  • Content-target ads
  • Keyword support
  • Geographic targeting
  • Simplify your advertising tasks
  • Static Banners
  • Animated Banners
  • Flash Banners

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