MEWS has an innovative, passionate and dedicated team comprised of innovative professionals. With roots in Digital Media, Computer Science, and Marketing, MEWS has expanded its world-wide footprint, relying upon the striking breadth of skills, experience, and knowledge of many talented individuals.

Each of our team members brings a unique array of industry and individual experience to our table. The combined strengths of our teams are separated into the following departments that deliver high volume and high quality brand focused sites: Consultants, Project Managers, Designers, Developers, Web Marketing Specialists and Testing Engineers:


All MEWS consultants have at least six years of hands-on web industry experience and are highly skilled in both complex web application and e-commerce practices.

While ensuring a common user experience and brand expression, MEWS consultants help our clients make the best web technology choices. Every option is carefully weighed against a wide array of business factors, including ROI, internet marketing strategy and client business infrastructure.

MEWS consultants possess the extensive technology and consulting background to understand each client’s unique business model and guide our client smoothly through the ever-changing interactive world.

Project Manager

MEWS Project Managers and Information Architects consistently deliver projects on time and on budget.  They are pro-active, passionate and talented bilinguals that work side by side with the client to ensure a project’s success from inception to launch.

Our project delivering team has implemented a new form of prototyped site that offers a real time view of any stage of a site’s development along its path to completion. This invention facilitates a more defined scope for complex projects, provides cost-saving solutions, promotes better communication between client and internal team and expedites faster project delivery times.

All of the MEWS Project Managers have earned their Master’s degrees in Digital Media or Computer Science.


MEWS designers have the innate ability to translate surrounding and conceptual beauty into tangible profit-boosting web creations. With substantial experience creating hundreds of sites and flash/multimedia presentations, our designers have created award-winning work that has extended the online presence of many brands.

Not only are their approaches inspired, but their mastery of html coding skills achieve World Wide Web Consortium standards as well as web 2.0 design standards. All of our designers have earned degrees in Art or Design.


MEWS developers focus on ways to use Web, database, network and interface technologies to serve the customer better.

Our over-a-century of combined web application development experience enables us to build, blueprint and deliver innovative and award-winning web applications. Our developers are specialists in LAMP, PHP, ASP.NET database development, experts at creating Flash, XHTML, CSS, and Firefox-based applications. Additionally, we have comprehensive skills in audio, video, and a variety of multi-media software.

MEWS’s web applications conform to World Wide Web Consortium standards and ensure interoperability with current and future web technologies.

All of our programmers have earned degrees in Computer Science.

Testing Engineer

MEWS Quality Assurance Testing Engineers have acquired a several years of experience working as testing engineers. Their thorough methods and strict standards for QA processes are responsible for reputation for seamless project deployment.

With the exacting standards, our QA team will thoroughly examine and re-examine the usability test and the load and stress test on larger and more complex projects.

All of our designers have earned a degree in Computer Science.

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MEWS is a full service web development Internet marketing company and technology integrator founded in 2003, by leading industry consultants with previous technology experience.MEWS is an Internet services and solutions company with interests in website development – Mobile applications– domain name registrations - web hosting.